Ban Brightwood

Aasimar Monk/Ranger

Ban (pronounced "Bon") was once an orphan in Baldur's Gate, found by a friendly gnome that liked to live in life's moral gray area. Ban was only 11 years old at the time. Through the next year with Aifur, talking little about the loss of his parents or the fact that he wasn't really blind. Ban tried hard to hide his true nature as a Aasimar from Camp Kai-Gal but he feared that hiding from his Demons was not enough..  He insisted that Aifur take him to someone who could teach him to fight, and Aifur knew of just the place. The two set off south of Baldur's Gate, to Candlekeep, where the duo would have to part.

For the next few years Ban trained with the monks of the Avowed. He learned much of the world through books and the teachings the Avowed travelers brought back from their trips. Feeling his training complete, and tormented by dreams questioning his parent's death. Ban set off from the keep to Neverwinter, in search of answers for the loss of his parents only to find his old friend Aifur and a group of new friends called The Order of the Obsidian Flame. Since those days he has revealed his secret Aasimar heritage to the world and has been working hard to do good with The Order. Trying to find a balance between the chaotic nature of the party and the demand for law in his heart.