Manet Murnig

Gnome Artificer/Rogue

Manet Murnig once led a cloistered life in the Blackstaff Tower of Waterdeep. He arrived at the tower as a fairly young gnome and spent nearly 50 years learning, reading dusty books, and tinkering with magical artifacts. However, after building his thunder cannon he became content and did not push himself or strive to stand out further. Laeral Silverhand pushed him to excel and decided that some worldly experience would do Manet good. She ordered him to wander the lands before she or anyone else from the tower would let him continue his education at Blackstaff Tower. His travels took him to Neverwinter where he nervously established The Order of the Obsidian Flame. Through the Order Manet has learned much about the world, friendship, and loss while secretly searching for the mythical Obsidian Flame.