Half-Orc Barbarian

Long ago, the Chief of the Cleftbane clan and his wife were both murdered in cold blood over a dispute with the Efreeti named Maylock. To protect the family axe and the clan, Kinien, the Chieftan's son, took the axe from Maylock’s evil clutches and abandoned his clan in search for the strength to defeat Maylock. The mischievous winds of the waters derailed Kinien’s quest and he eventually gained a name for himself as a notorious Pirate King. After a mutiny he lost his three most prized possessions in this world; his money, his axe, and his ship. The mutinous crew left him stranded to die on an island, but Kinien, being the resourceful survivor, slowly made his way back to Waterdeep. Eventually... Kinien found a party of adventurers worthy of his might, and capable of assisting him in gaining back his three true loves.