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  Roll with Advantage

Roll with Advantage

  A DM and His Son

A DM and His Son




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The Critical is the most coveted of rolls, and, when you are in a jam, it is all ways welcome. The Crit-Horn t-shirt gives you advantage in all Charisma Checks and can even help you impress fellow nerds. It also helps support Roll with Advantage.

Roll With Advantage Bonus Episodes are up Now!

If you haven't heard, RwA has some bonus episodes from Season One for you to get your D&D Podcast fix while you wait for the return of The Order of the Obsidian Flame. Go check the Episodes out now!

08/13/2018 - The Return of Roll With Advantage

That's right, mark your calendars and get set for amazing new episodes, brand new original story, and the fun D&D goofs you have come to know and love will be returning for Season 2 on August 13! 


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