Season 1 - Bonus Ep. The Misadventures of the Deepfoot Clan: The Jungles of Chult

Hey...stranger...It has been a long time... Did we just make things weird? I feel like we just made things weird... Well, we have an amazing episode for you this week. It is a Bonus One-Shot that we are calling "The Misadventures of the Deepfoot Clan: The Jungles of Chult" our friend Ryan from Roll 4 Initiative joins us in this special goblin themed episode. Come give it a listen, and remember to tell all the peoples about us.  Give us a Rate and or review and check us out on twitter @dmstable using #RollWithAdvantage. Also, go check out Roll 4 Initiative on YouTube.

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The last orders that Cchio gave The Deep Foot Clan was that the goblins were to go to Phandalin bearing the symbol of the Golden Stag. It is there that they were to fix up the mansion known as Tresendar Manor. On the Clan’s travels, they rescued some survivors from a nearby goblin clan known as The Cragmaw Clan. They had been brutally massacred by some evil miscreants and were wandering aimlessly trying to steal what they can. The Deep Foot Clan took in the survivors, swelling the clans numbers to 20 strong. They taught the survivors the ways of kindness that their Prince Cchio once taught them. In the passing months, some progress was made to the underground halls of Tresendar Manor, but money has run out and a few the clan members are starting to get itchy for a little high adventure. And, wouldn’t you know it, a Monk dressed in red and gold robes has just arrived promising just that. The only catch is, you will have to travel to the mythical lands of Chult in search of some information on an artifact known as the Soulmonger.

Music Credits:
“Take A Chance”, “Suonatore di Liuto”, “Dragon and Toast”, “A Mission”, “Stormfront”, “Ascending the Vale”, “Teller of the Tales”, “Lord of the Land”, “Black Vortex”, “Machinations”, “Majestic Hills”, “Noise Attack”, “Intrepid”
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