Season 1 - Episode 40

Welcome to Roll with Advantage! We are a group of normal people playing the best game on Earth. We hope you enjoy!

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“Alchemist Tower”, “Take a Chance”, “Crossing the Chasm”, “Clash Defiant”, “Dragon and Toast”, “Stoneworld Battle”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Longbow Arrow Hits Steel Shield - Pablo Betancourt, Walking on Dirt in Clothes - Jonathan Pitcher, Walking on Wood in Leather Armor - Olivier Girardot, Animal Tail Slaps Cloth - Pablo Betancourt, Forest - The Emerald Glades at Night - Pablo Betancourt, Large City - City of Trade at Night - Olivier Girardot, Mountain - Realm of the Grey Elves in Day - Anxo Martinez Calvo, Forest - The Emerald Glades in Day - Pablo Betancourt, Forest - Fauna and Flora in Day - Rafael Hofstadter, Weather - Powerful Wind - WildDog Productions, Trap - Camouflaged Pitfall - Olivier Girardot
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