Wood Elf Cleric

Tinuviel grew up in a large commune of wood elves in the borders of the High Forest. The community counts on their knowledge that has been passed down to them from their Fey ancestors. Most of the community leader's minds are ridgid in their viewpoints and unbending in their cultural difference to the surrounding communities. Naturally, they have isolated themselves from the world outside their borders and are blind to the strife that lay outside their woods. Tinuviel, however, was different. She did all she could to teach herself of other cultures, much to her father's displeasure. She sought to find a balance between her elven heritage and the cultures of the other races around her community. This was formative to her future interest in justice and equality.

She was not yet a century old when Tinuviel left behind her home and discovered Waterdeep, a melting pot people and culture. She found a new family in the Waterdeep Watch. Tinuviel thrived on action and sought to protect those weaker than herself, she raised in the ranks of the Watch quickly which separated herself from many of her peers. There was an incident not long after her promotion to Guardsword. Her investigations lead her to step on the political toes of the new leaders in Waterdeep. It was then that she realized, justice no longer seemed as important as it once was to the town, instead those with power held more sway within the law then others. Tin's hand was forced, and she felt that she could do more good if she left the Watch, so that is exactly what she did.

Not long after leaving Waterdeep, almost as though by fate, events lead her to pick up a discarded shield. The shield had appeared to be a worn relic, but upon picking it up, a bright light suddenly struck down on Tinuviel. She was bathed in light blessed with new armor and the once dull shield gleamed with a new polish and radiant shine. It was then that Lathander came to her, asking her to bear his symbol and bring light to the darkest regions of the world burning away the dark evil that crept about Faerûn.

Tinuviel roamed the countryside, slowly traveling north as she became more attuned to her new divine powers. She found this new life to be very rewarding and full of action and adventure, inevitably meeting new friends, experienced new cultures, and slowly burning away the darkness.