Character Bio - Cchio

Cchio (like "Pinocchio") is the inheritor of a secret, an artifact, and the blood of the gods. His mother, may she rest in peace, an enchantress

His father, wicked, a metallic demigod. Unlike most of his kin born to communal hatcheries, he knows of both. Cchio is slight for a kobold. He stands just shy of two feet and weighs a scant 23 pounds. This is odd because he reached adulthood a few seasons ago in the year of fish fat bellies. He was always the runt of his brood. This winter has been exceptionally hard for Cchio's tribe and the other Selgryn kobolds. The ice was several heights thick on the lakes. The tribes in conflict; fighting against each other in un-kobold-like fashion for food mostly.

After his mother was mortally wounded in a skirmish her body was eaten by their starving tribe. This isn't an odd thing for his kind, but knowing who she was left Cchio sickened. He decided it was time to leave to find and confront the golden wyrm who sired him. One day while scraping through the forests aimlessly in search of his father Cchio met a strangely kind humanoid (they all look alike) who invited him out of the shadows and into the campsite to share the warmth of the fire and a plate of food. It was over that most delicious meal of his life, seasoned in good portion by starvation, that he learned of the Emerald Enclave (just the sort of place a dragon would live) and perhaps better a town named Neverwinter! Just think of it! A land untouched by ice.

Cchio decided then and there that he would find the enclave of emeralds... Of course, he needed to make a detour to the warm sun of Neverwinter first. He'd seen a twenty-years worth of snow and could use a change of scenery. After borrowing a few of the sleeping humanoid's unneeded supplies (most notably a green cloth bearing the sigil that would gain him entrance to his father's emerald castle) Cchio slinked away into the night.