Character Bio - Chanton Iguhr

Chanton Iguhr is an old half-orc who renounced his brutal ways and took over an abandoned church, a church built in worship to the elven god Corellon Larenthain. He lived a quiet peaceful life in his small hamlet near Neverwinter, not bothered by the troubles of the outside world. An aficionado of the arts, Chanton spent nearly all of his meager currency on artists and artisans to teach him to make wonderful stained glass windows for his dilapidated church.

He lived a fairly boring life in his role as a "cleric", many people would stop on their travels north and gawk at the new style of art that the church hosted, mostly gruesome depictions of war. Few could muster the courage to enter the half-orc's church. Chanton cared not; he was simply happy dedicating himself and his life to making beautiful stained glass. He didn't quite understand why he could no longer cast divine magic, nor did he really grasp that people expected him to. To Chanton, visitors were just an interruption to his glassmaking, and so when injured patrons showed up in need healing, he would simply ask them to leave. Things were peaceful, for a time, until that fateful day.

Chanton had left his hamlet to venture to Neverwinter to resupply his powdered metals and chemicals needed for his glass making. He to this day does not know why, it could have been out of jealousy of his beautiful stained glass windows, or the disdain of fellow half-orcs for the blasphemous worship of Corellon Larethian, but one day, someone made the mistake of vandalizing Chanton’s church. Upon finding the broken stained glass shards, scattered about his humble temple, the spirit of the violent Orc god Gruumsh awakened inside him. With fire in his eyes and vengeance in his heart, Chanton one more felt the warm tingle of rage and magic course through him. He tirelessly crafted an ax composed purely of glass shards. The pain of the jagged hilt in his hands was nothing compared to the pain he was going to bring to whoever knocked out his windows. Chanton was a war priest once more, moving through the lands in search of the one responsible for the destruction of his church.