Character Bio - Ban

Ban (pronounced "Bon") was once an orphan in Baldur's Gate, found by a friendly gnome that liked to like in life's moral gray area. At the tender age of 11 was when Aifur found him, he was probably too young to be left alone. Through the next year with Aifur, Ban talked little about the loss of his parents or the loss of his sight. He insisted that Aifur take him to someone who could teach him to fight, with Aifur being the story gatherer he is he knew of such a place, the monks of Candlekeep. The town grew ever hostile towards Aifur and soon the gnome obliged. The two set off south of Baldur's Gate, to Candlekeep, where Aifur would have to leave the last of his family from keep setting off to travel the Sword Coast in search of a new family.

Ban trained for years with the monks of the Avowed. He learned much even to read certain books with the touch of his fingers. Feeling his training complete, and tormented by dreams questioning his parent's death. Ban set off from the keep to Neverwinter, in search of answers for the loss of his parents only to find his old friend Aifur and a group of new friends called The Order of the Obsidian Flame.