Character Bio - Aifur Gott

Aifur Gott is a mischievous gnome bard that is looking for nothing more than a family. He had a life before Baldur's Gate however he can't remember it. He just woke up on the city docks one day, not knowing how he got there or why. He developed a strong sense of family, it is the most important thing to him and he will do anything to help. So when he saw orphans in need he eventually took them in as family and helped them survive on the streets. He did this by teaching them to "borrow".

He "borrowed" from anyone other than family, but only things he thinks could help the family. He doesn't like thieves, he thinks stealing is wrong and thieves are scum bags. In his mind, he does not steal. He borrows things and has every intention to give them back to the person he is borrowing it from. However, he also found in him a moral loophole where if he gives a borrowed item to someone else he is no longer in possession of it and then it is their responsibility to return it. Or he comes up with stories as to how the object is actually his and he truly believes that story and that the object was and is his. This is why Aifur will never steal food because once you ate food you could no longer give it back.

If Aifur could not borrow what he needed, he would go into pubs or taverns and with his bardic ways get people to buy him a meal, which he would then bag up and take to the orphans. This trail of deception and thievery did not go unnoticed by the city, however.

In his last year of living in Baldur's Gate Aifur found Ban, a blind orphan child. Ban wasn't like the other orphans in the eyes of Aifur. Ban wanted to fight. Aifur didn't really like the idea of fighting, however, but Ban kept persisting. By this time in Aifurs stay the city was starting to turn on him as they started to collectively realize how he was getting his things. At first, he didn't understand why people were mad at him, he wasn't a thief! He didn't really want to stay and find out the people's reasoning as many were getting hostile. With the town at his back and Ban by his side. The two set out on the road, south to the monks of Candlekeep.