Character Bio - Tinuviel

Tinuviel grew up a wood elf in a large town. The elves knew much, but there were also many things to learn from the other races around her. From a young age, Tinuviel learned the importance of balance, accepting her elven heritage and seeing the merits of the cultures of other races around her. This was formative to her future interest in justice and equality.

She was not yet a century old when Tinuviel left home and discovered Waterdeep Watch. Tinuviel thrived on action and sought to protect those weaker than herself, so she joined the Waterdeep Watch. After several decades of service, she had reached the rank of Guardsword. Soon after, the Watch fell under new leadership and things started to change. Justice no longer seemed as important as it once was, instead those with power holding more and more sway within the watch. Tinuviel felt that she could do more good if she left the Watch, so she did just that.

Almost as though by fate, events one day soon after lead her to pick up a discarded shield. The shield had appeared to be a worn relic, but upon picking it up, a bright Light suddenly struck down on Tinuviel. She discovered that the shield now looked brand new, carrying the symbol of a rising sun, and the Light surrounding her told Tinuviel she had been chosen to serve Lathander, the deity of renewal, light, and justice. Tinuviel was tasked with burning away the dark evil that crept about Faerûn and to shine a light on truth and justice.

Tinuviel roamed the countryside, slowly traveling north as she became more attuned to her new divine powers. She found this new life to be very rewarding and full of action.

She eventually arrived upon Neverwinter and hoped to find a group of like-minded individuals. By luck, she quickly hears of the Order of the Obsidian Flame, and their pursuit of truth and knowledge. Tinuviel joins the Order, eager to work with comrades to search for truth and spread the light of Lathander upon the realm.